About The Nanny Tax Company

The Nanny Tax Company was founded in 1995 by Arthur Ellis after Zoe Baird’s “Nannygate” put the spotlight on nanny taxes. Arthur had many friends who were trying to balance work and childcare and having a difficult time complying with the nanny tax laws. He saw an opportunity to simplify the tax filing process for these families and The Nanny Tax Company was born.

The company was growing by leaps and bounds so in 1999 Arthur recruited family friend Laura Weiland and since then, The Nanny Tax Company has helped thousands of people across the country file and pay their nanny taxes.

In 2012 Laura bought the company from Arthur and now employs her three sisters – Judy, Sharon and Sheila Connolly. The goal remains to simplify the nanny tax process for our clients.

We know it’s important for our clients to comply with the household employment tax laws but we also know that the employment tax process can be overwhelming. We are committed to providing a simple, cost effective service so our clients have more time to focus on what’s important to them. Read our FAQ’s section for much more information about nanny taxes.