The Nanny Tax Company Story

Until “Nannygate” put the spotlight on nanny taxes in 1993, most people didn’t know they needed to pay taxes on their household employees. Congress tried simplifying the nanny tax filing process but it was still confusing and time consuming.

Arthur Ellis knew he could make it easier for people who were struggling to comply with the law, and in 1995 The Nanny Tax Company was born!

Clients loved the simple service and the company grew by leaps and bounds. Laura Weiland started working with Arthur in 1999 and bought the company in 2012. Laura’s three sisters – Judy, Sharon and Sheila Connolly – joined her in the world of nanny taxes. With diverse backgrounds in client service, data analysis, government, management and problem solving, the family is dedicated to taking the stress out of nanny taxes and providing a simple, cost effective service.

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